Five Easy Tips on Decorating Your Home by The Farmhouse Store’s Michael Halphen

We caught up with Michael Halphen, one of The Farmhouse Store’s talented interior designers. Michael graduated from Drexel University in Philadelphia PA with Master’s of Interior Architecture and Design. His impressive resume includes commercial office design, private office design, restaurant design, and custom residential drapery and upholstery.

Here are Michael’s 5 Easy Tips on Decorating Your Home:

  1. First tip, don’t read “Top 5” lists on decorating your home! No seriously, a lot of people will only go by trending ideas, home decorating magazines and shows, and then never find their own personal style. You have to be able to trust your intuition, and then you will to start to figure out WHY that certain pattern, or color, or style speaks to you, regardless if it is trending or not. So in summary, listen to yourself!
  2. Don’t be afraid of color! Grays and whites are beautiful, but don’t be scared of committing to bold color.
  3. Stop being so precise, and get creative. When it comes to hanging things on a wall (photos, art, etc) play around with staggering them, creating interesting shapes, and ways to lead the eye around to where you want it to go.
  4. Pull the floor into the wall! Pull from floor tones and textures when selecting fabric for window treatments.
  5. Ask the experts. My most important piece of advice would be to stop by and schedule a design consultation with one of us from The Farmhouse Store’s interior design team. We would love to meet you and help make your vision for your home a reality.

Want more? So did we!

PS: What are you favorite current trends in home décor?

Michael: Oversized, chunky furniture and exaggerated, large wall decor pieces

PS: It’s summer time… any seasonal decorating tips for beach houses/vacation homes?

Michael: Indoor/outdoor rugs are not what they used to be…  Today there are beautiful and very soft indoor/outdoor rugs that feel amazing; you would never know it can be taken outside and housed off with a garden hose!

PS: What are your three favorite interior décor items available at the Farmhouse Store currently?


  1. A salvaged old village wagon wheel mounted on a metal base. It’s small enough to serve as a focal point on top of a coffee table, or to sit on a console piece in the dining room or entryway!
  2. Locally carved decorative pieces made of raw birch wood. They make nice décor items to show off candles, or can be used as a stand-alone piece. Available in any custom size: and hand made by a local artist and local wood!
  3. Antique abacus pieces (you know… the old wood educational counting pieces with beads meant to teach children numbers)! These are antique pieces and you can really see the history behind them. Such interesting items to hang on your wall, or show off among other antiques on a shelf.

PS: Any tips for decorating smaller spaces?

Michael: We tend to always push all of our furniture up against our walls. For a small space, this can limit your options. Utilize the center and open parts of your space to create little areas and moments, as well as function around these pieces. Try pulling your furniture out, and utilizing all sides of the furniture.


To make an appointment with The Farmhouse Store’s Interior Design Team, stop into the store at 43 Hulfish Street, or call them at 609-688-0777.